DrTranquility=fun+quick anxiety relief

An Oxytocin IV +a splash of Dopamine

An elixir for the mind & body=Success inside-out 💕


Satori PR -Founded by DrTranquility

Who is Dr.Tranquility?

After her  extensive work as a media expert healing through a long term illness that often left her 

bedridden,she decided to take her resources,knowledge & tools to create a PR  “practice” both to serve others  in media while occupying her own mind her key to her own health & wellness.In doing so Lydia aka Dr.Tranquility ®  designed  a method to  help others who have their foot off of the breaks & are ready to launch to do just that. ” If your feet are on the break your  either not driving forward  or you’ll find that you’ll keep rolling back . So lift your foot off the break and let’s rock!” She says.

DrTranquility’s protocols®  featured or she has contributed to & published pieces: & Yahoo,, ABC’s the View, KISS FM,, Metromix for the Chicago Tribune, British Glamour, REDBOOK, Cosmopolitan Magazine,promoted by & Date Therapy® On The Debbie Nigro Show WGCH am, BBC Radio London with numerous hosts.

Her clients enjoy:

Radio & Podcast Interviews, Magazines and more...

Our clients enjoy a range o f media as well as speaking opportunities. Terrestrial (radio) & Podcasts such as I Heart radio  (internet radio & video). Paid & unpaid speaking engagements,placement in great unique  bookstores nationally & internationally, published articles in blogs , magazines & more.

Satori PR

Date Therapy®

Date Therapy®  Developed by Dr.Tranquility-Lydia is one of her most popular protocols. It is about Conscious Dating & Conscious Relationships. In 2 Full Sessions ( includes intro + session+ free follow up =2) in person,zoom, offered via a community session training,at an event & private intro's  it very clear that Dating & Relationship Anxiety Relief has arrived. A Mind-Body Protocol , (think of it as a Oxytocin(cuddle/trust/connection)  IV with  a hint of Dopamine (pleasure center) .. an exlix for the mind & body),connecting you with your true, ideal criteria for your partner. This is and inside out protocol, it’s quick,fun & interactive. A great date 💋ideal mate  Healthy boundaries +heighten self+esteem = 

Date Therapy® & DT2 is taking Date Night from a process to progress,

Date Therapy & DT2

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