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Leave Pain In Your History


Hal Blatman M.D. Speaking @ Awaken Fair

Peptidec,PRP & Stem cell

Leave Pain In Your History  

July 28,2019  @ 10:15

Roger Smith Hotel 

501 Lexington,N.Y. 10017

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Elizabeth is an amazing N. D., Natropathic Dr. & we are thrilled to share her with you for now visit 



“All of Dr.Tranquility’s protocol’s & projects are like an Oxytocin IV with splash of Dopamine + sprinkled seratonin it’s an elixir for the mind & body=Success inside-out .”

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Satori PR Founded by DrTranquility -Lydia

Who is Dr.Tranquility?

After her extensive work as a media expert healing through a long term illness that often left her 

bedridden, she decided to take her resources,knowledge & tools to create a PR “practice” both to serve others  in media while occupying her own mind her key to her own health & wellness, in doing so Lydia aka Dr.Tranquility ®  designed  a method to  help others who have their foot off of the breaks & are ready to launch to do just that, ” If your feet are on the break you‘re either not driving forward or you’ll find that you’ll keep rolling back. So lift your foot off the break and let’s rock!” she says.

DrTranquility’s protocols®  featured or she has contributed to & published pieces: Forbes.com & Yahoo, ABCNEWS.com, ABC’s the View, KISS FM, CupidsPulse.com, Metromix for the Chicago Tribune, British Glamour, REDBOOK, Cosmopolitan Magazine, promoted by Match.com & Date Therapy® on The Debbie Nigro Show WGCH am, BBC Radio London, numerous hosts.

Satori X PR clients enjoy:

Radio & Podcast Interviews, Magazines and more...

Our clients enjoy a range of media as well as speaking opportunities. Terrestrial (radio) & Podcasts such as I Heart radio  (internet radio & video). Paid & unpaid speaking engagements, placement in great unique bookstores nationally & internationally, published articles in blogs , magazines & more.

Satori PR

Date Therapy®

Date Therapy®  Conscious Dating. Founded by Dr.Tranquility-Lydia is one of her most popular protocols. It is about Conscious Dating & Conscious Relationships. In 2 Full Sessions (includes intro + session+ free follow up =2) in person, zoom, offered via a community session training, at an event & private sessions. Dating & Relationship Anxiety Relief has arrived. A Mind-Body Protocol , (think of it as a Oxytocin(cuddle/trust/connection)  IV with  a hint of Dopamine (pleasure center) .. an exlix for the mind & body),connecting you with your true, ideal criteria for your partner. This is an inside out protocol, it’s quick, fun & interactive. A great date 💋ideal mate  Healthy boundaries +heighten self+esteem = 

Date Therapy® & DT2 is taking Date Night from a process to progress.

Date Therapy & DT2

DrTranquility Magazine Self Healing & Love Issue

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