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Power Women Global. A Satori Session Digital Round Table

Come join us as power women come together from spaces & places internationally to empower,share & INFORM our connected prosperity as we benefit our sisters ( brothers too as there are some), by doing our part to combat Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence & help women get back on their feet by donating directly to Dress For Sucess and Other Organizations listed below.

Power Women brings together some of the most amazing influential healers  in the world . Multi faceted &  multi-dimensional leaders within ther communities & globally.  Curated by Dr.Tranquility the Power Women  assembled for this event are from the States,UK,Australia & South America. Launching during International  Women’s Month from March 26 - April 16, 2019. These women are donating their time and knowledge to help all of us & each other in love,life, wellness & business while you donate $5-$5k directly to charities combating  Human trafficking ,Domestic Violence & helping them to regain their stride through empowerment  such as:

http://savingjane.org   🇺🇸 





Combatting Domestic Violence  from a verified list of  charities to select from:


Combatting  Human Trafficking from a verified list of  charities to select from:


  more charities being added! 


1) Simply donate $5 -$5k &/or TIME works also as this is a Gentle PERSON’S  Agreement,directly to a charity of  your choice meeting our above criteria. 

2) Come  join the conversation , learn & share   during our  Q & A!

More women are constantly joining our round tables:

Valerie Austin


Valerie Austin 

Austin opened her Harley Street practice in 1989. Since then she has worked in Hollywood, Malaysia, Fort Lauderdale, Monaco and London. She was the UK's first celebrity hypnotherapist. She moved to the US and was active in the film industry selling feature films and wrote her own column in a Hollywood trade magazine interviewing celebrities and film financier.Austin established a successful practice in London's Harley Street where she worked as a consultant to psychiatrists, plastic surgeons and The Priory Hospital, Roehampton. She has taken her techniques worldwide from the UK, Europe, US and Kuala Lumpur, where her Stop Smoking method was endorsed by the Malaysian government

Dr. Laurie Nadel


Dr.Laurie Nadel 

During my first career as a journalist, I spent twenty years writing and producing hard news.But I couldn't help wondering what happened to those people after the cameras left.earned two doctorates through independent study:  a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and another in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  I later completed post-doctoral diplomas in mind-body medicine and clinical homeopathy. I opened my private practice in 1991 focusing on stress and health issues, especially burnout; anxiety/phobias; and trauma issues.  In the past three decades, it has been my privilege to be able to help many successful people process traumatic loss, phobias and anxiety so they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Kacey Morbito Grean


Kacey Morbito Grean

Hear it in her voice on 100.7 WHUD, The Hudson Valley,s largest adult contemporary station,  where she has been waking up Westchester and the Hudson Valley for 19 years. Kacey is also a Life Coach & Reiki Healer. In over 600 episodes, of  Kacey's "Shine On" her inspirational podcasts, Kacey brings you great ideas on how to live well. Guests have included:Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dr. Oz, Dr. Mike Roizen, Matthew Ferry, John Kabat-Zinn, Monk Yun Rou, Dr. Master Sha, Anne Lamott, Ivan Misner, Cesar Milan, Mitch Winehouse, Delia Ephron, Fran Drescher, Jane Fonda, James Fry, Robert Deniro, 

Madam Equiss


Madam Equiss

As a law student in her native Colombia - Madam Equiss' path toward spiritual work was sparked by her own healing process.  A severe and acute medical condition caused her to seek professional help but no doctor could identify the problem, let alone resolve it.  Despite her strong faith in God and her church, those channels offered no real answers either but this was only the beginning of her journey.  She became a student of the most powerful approaches she had found and realized that she possessed a natural talent for this kind of work.  This was the gift or “don” as they say in Spanish that she had been seeking her whole life. Currently, she is certified as a Mastering the Masters Level Practitioner of Sacred Activations, an Advanced Teacher of Theta and a Master Level Instructor/Practitioner of IET and studied directly with the founders of SA, Tamra Oviatt, and Theta, Vianna Stibal. 

Elizabeth Yarnell & Sally Stubbs


Elizabeth Yarnell  &       

As the director of the Fight MS with Food project, Elizabeth applies her intimate knowledge of multiple sclerosis to designing customized safe menus for ms sufferers with the goal of halting progression of the disease. The project has expanded to include ways of managing any autoimmune disorder through dietary changes. Switching to a customized anti-inflammatory diet does not effect participation in any pharmaceutical therapies prescribed by a medical doctor. As a Natropathic Doctor, author of a popular cook book  on  one  pot meals & Speaker she is helping others overcome  food sensitivity & chronic disease.

Sally Stubbs  

Leading Expert Clinical Hypnotherapist & Licensed Psychotherapist in the U K. Sally has her own special protocols RAPHA and Virtual. Sessions.  We are utilizing a portion of one of her sessions during our round table sessions. Sally is unable to join us but is with us in supporting women and with us in spirit!

Courtney Cleman & Jodi Powell


Courtney Cleman 

Courtney Cleman is a long time New Yorker and Columbia University graduate with a background in finance, psychology, image consulting and design. She co-founded The V. Club, a coaching practice specializing in image, relationships and self-empowerment. after observing how modern-day pressures are turning all of us into stressed-out zombies longing for more fulfillment in our careers, relationships and overall wellbeing. Passionate about coaching, Courtney uses her diversified background to help people get over all the stuff that’s holding them back from living a seriously great life.

Shanthi Blanchard


Shanthi Blanchard


Shanthi is the managing editor for Her Agenda. She has built her career around inclusive feminism, marketing, and communication strategies, creating award-winning digital and real-time spaces where women's voices thrive.  Having worked at some of the top agencies in the world while empowering over 20 female-founded startups in London, New York, and Silicon Valley to grow,  Shanthi founded  Spinster.io, a company designed by highly-skilled female consultants to help women entrepreneurs grow and scale across marketing and biz dev. Shanthi additionally serves as the editor of The I AM WOMAN Project, runner, traveler and lover of NYC style pizza. Her writing is featured on Mic.com,  Blogher, and The London School of Economic's Engenderings. Follow her on twitter and Instagram @Oms4Shanthi




Dr. Tranquility, Lydia Belton, is a mental health expert with a background in Psychology, Relaxation Physiology for Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard University's Mind - Body Institute, and Columbia University's Rosenthal Center in Botanical Medicine. She is additionally a Hypnotic-Anesthesiologist.   Through the platforms of her FM radio show, where more than 200,000 listeners turned on their 

radios & adjusted their dials to hear Dr Tranquility Talks live each week.DrTranquility.com with a substantial membership base with her affiliate lists acquired over a decade+ Her Exclusive interviews with Jimmy Choo The shoe designer on Qi Gong, unprecedented access to the Royal Marsden Hospital HMS  filming the front lines on Cancer Research, The Dorchester Spa where she was the executive producer for this and many other programming  with her own production arm & as a former VP of digital media Programming for a health & Wellness lifestyle Channel. A highly sought after expert & her 5 second 

 5 second anxiety busters are an Instagram hit.


Maxine Sitkowski -Executive Coach & an NLP Trainer ,trained by Bendler. Inner read bio below


Australia & New Zealand 

Samantha Jayne - relationship Expert, master nlp practitioner, hypnotherapist,Business woman, mother, wife and key person of influence. 

Sam empowers women to be their ultimate best version of themselves from peak performance in their career and business to finding the love of their life! She is regularly sought after for her expertise and is 

passionate about helping women make life long transformations”

Maxine Sitkowsi

In 1987, after training with the originators of NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming)

and Ericksonian Hypnosis, I began my practice. I work to make things better by guiding clients to sort out their issues. I design interventions that neutralize and heal psychological,emotional and physical problems.

As a New Yorker, I served with the Red Cross at 9/11 ground zero site. I was able to apply to use NLP and hypnosis to relief trauma in my fellow first responders. Making better, more supportive mind sets and active resources that enrich lives is my prime goal. 

I hold certification in NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, NLP Health Practices, Ericksonian and Clinical Hypnosis, SFM Entrepreneurs Handbook I, II, and III, Generative Coaching , Generative Consulting, Reiki, and many other modalities.  maxofnlp@gmail.com

I am currently associated with Dilts' Stategy Group,  offering Success Factor Modeling and Generative Consulting to individual entrepreneurs and the business community.  

Jodi Powell 

Jodi is the Founder and Editor of LifeGrid Media which is an online marketing platform focused on community news and local business around the world. She has a passion for community based projects.She is a leading indigenous healer with a bachelor’s degree in Indigenous Studies. Her  experience with community initiatives through her passion of teaching and mentoring clients globally has launched her new exciting new project early April 2019 TribalMind.  Jodi isFeatured be,is with her beautiful flower in her hair. https://www.tribalmind.com.au/

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