Power Women: A satori Sessions Roundtable For Charity

We have come together weekly  to combat ting Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking. Shanthi Blanchard on  making time for yourself as a successful Women  in business. Check out this clip ...

Jimmy Choo,Eddie Lim,Sally F. Neville, DrTranquilityLydia

Healthy Food : Thai & Malaysian Food  with Shoe Designer  &  Restaurateur Jimmy Choo,Eddie Lim

Exec Producers :Sally Farmiloe-Neville and Dr.Tranquility-Lydia

Director: DrTranquilirty Lydia 

Director of Photography : Morgan White

Dr. Tranquility with Gail Thackray

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Satori PR Presents Dr.Hal Blatman

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Power Women -Finding Space For A Full Life With AFull Career

 Media Expert author of numerous best selling books  & Hypnotherapy Guru Valerie Austin,Dr,Laurie Nadel New York Times Best selling author,Psychotherapist specializing in 911,Parkland,Sandy. Former CBS correspondent with Dan Rather,Business Woman and founder of Spinster.io,Writer & blogger (funding women in business) Shathi Blachard,Madam Equiss  healer and law student. Moderated by Dr.Tranquility expert,therapists,columnist,radio host,publicist.

Power Women. A Satori Session RoundTable For Charity

Power Women.  A Satori Sessions Round  Table 

The intersection of Healing &  Business with Shanthi Blanchard of Spinster.io, Jodi Powell of Lige Grid ,

Dr. Tranquility Lydia.

Power Woman. A Satori Sessions Round Table For Charity

Finding Health & Happiness with 

Kacey aMorbito Grean, Dr. Elizabeth Yarnell, Dr. Laurie Nadel,Madam Equiss & Dr. Tranquiluility Lydia