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Date Therapy & DT2 our couples protocol

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Date Therapy is a Mind-Body protocol from the inside out.Its quick( 1-2 sessions on average),

fun & done. You are on your  on your way. We like to think of it as an Oxytocin IV with a slash of dopamine 💕out there dating from empowerment,armed with the knowledge of your goals & the ability to activate them instantly. This may be a great date &/or an ideal mate it’s there for you & HERE we remind you of what you already know but may have forgotten it’s a tweak.😛


DT2 is for couples & mates who are hitting the reset button. Reconnecting  to THOSE  moments,YOU KNOW THE ONE’S . Moving “ date night “ from process to progress❤️

The Date Therapy Session is a must attend for any practitioner working with clients struggling to start over. Exceptionally thorough, It moves from clinical to a working protocol extraordinary in its scope. Dr. Tranquility is professionally superb, with relaxation and hope always in her voice. This is a "best practice" and "best buy" program. The final segment on marketing alone is worth the double the price." Date Therapy Practitioner. DrTranquility founder and creator of Date Therapy ® DrTranquility’s protocols®  featured or she has contributed to & published pieces: Forbes.com & Yahoo, ABCNEWS.com, ABC’s the View, KISS FM, CupidsPulse.com, Metromix for the Chicago Tribune, British Glamour, REDBOOK, Cosmopolitan Magazine,promoted by Match.com & Date Therapy® On The Debbie Nigro Show WGCH am, BBC Radio London, Lifeology & more.

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